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February 2010 Meeting - Application Security and You: Pentest Your PHP Before Strangers Do By Blake Cornell

Mon, 2010-02-22 20:00 - 22:00

Abstract: Web Applications are the most common vector for computer intrusion. They are used to host malware, infect users, steal money, steal identities or worse. Why are web applications a primed target? Most web applications have at least one critical bug. How do you know if your web applications have vulnerabilities hiding within them? Learn the methodologies and methods of successful penetration testing. If you don't test your applications someone else likely will.

Blake's Bio: Blake Cornell has been an IT innovator and developer with over 12 years experience in software and security. He has consulted Fortune 500 companies and various law enforcement agencies with hopes of utilizing technology to ease real world issues. He currently has vested interests in a few companies providing network and application security as well as VoIP telephony. His personal project, Security Scraper, is currently harvesting over 500 computer security related records daily which he uses to track trends within the security industry. He is a proud member and supporter of InfraGard, a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector, and OWASP, the premier application security consortium.

He has spoken at or is scheduled to speak at Briarcliffe College (Bethpage, NY), Astricon (Pheonix, AZ), The Last Hope (New York, NY), ICCS 2009 (New York, NY), HIMSS Virtual Conference, local OWASP events and FRHack.

He has been mentioned or quoted from organizations such as CNet News, Communications News, Security Focus, Fierce VoIP, NIST NVD, Security Vulns, Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine, milw0rm, Packet Storm, BNet, Security Reason and the Exotic Liability Podcast.

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